Gear me

I do like my gear. Here are some of the gadgets or clothes I’ll take out with me on my run (pictures coming soon…I hope).

Thorlo Experia Socks – As we all know, socks are important for all runners. Once I bought a paid of Throlo socks and never looked back. These are comfortable, light socks with a very thin material, except for the forefoot and heel. This gives me cushioning only where I need it. I’ll never go back to anything else.

Garmin Forerunner 235 – I retired the TomTom in favor the sparkling new Garmin 235. Boy is this watch nice! Accurate heart rate while I run, plus VO2 Max (not sure how accurate this is) and a GPS that actually uploads onto the Internet the way I see it on my watch. Sometimes the GPS is a little slow, and it lost the map of Twin Cities Marathon, but overall I love it!

TomTom Cardio¬†– Ah yes, my trusted GPA watch. I’ve had the Cardio since it came out, and it has been mostly good. The optical heart rate monitor is nice to have. I don’t train by it, but I like knowing about where my heart rate “should” be while I run. The watch also keeps track of my cadence. Overall, it is very accurate. Lately, it has been having some issues with connecting to the satellites, which has been frustrating.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hood – When you run in the Midwest, warm clothes are a must. This hood is probably my lightest for the warmth it provides. At the very least, it provides my face good protection from the wind. I did have it freeze onto my face once, though. But that was likely due to running 17 miles in sub zero and windy conditions.